The Atocas Bédard Inc. has been in business since 1995, and it is here that cranberry production takes place. Atocas Bédard Inc. supplies the totality of fresh cranberries (Vaccinium Macrocarpon) to Canneberges Québec Inc. The farm, with a 110-hectare production area and very fertile soil, boasts a production of 8 million pounds of cranberries. Canneberges Québec Inc. markets its products under the brands Baies d’Or, Supra Fruit and Canneberges Québec. An expert at what it does, Canneberges Québec Inc. is capable and well oriented to meet the growing demand for fresh cranberries and cranberry sauce, in-line with consumer’s needs and always ready to offer them a superior quality cranberry.

The Baie d’Or berry is filled with tonicity! It contains a large amount of powerful antioxidants that help protect cells against sickness.

Canneberges Québec

Today, the Baies d’Or cranberry is present in many European countries and is, in the short term, targeting the Asian market. Baies d’Or, an excellent source of creativity for that unique taste.

Brief Highlights:


  • Purchase of 270 acres of forest in St-Louis-de-Blandford;
  • Production on 75 acres;


  • Establishment of first fields;


  • Addition of 1250 blueberry plants to attract indigenous bumblebees;


  • 4,000,000 pounds over a production area of 150 acres;
  • Since 2009 to this day, 23 acres of replacement of existing vines by promising varieties known for the superior quality of their fresh fruit.


  • 210-acre production area;
  • Sale of cuttings to new producers;
  • Implementation of fresh fruit plant, and marketing.


  • Start of exports for the market outside Quebec, towards Europe


  • Production of 6.5 million pounds, of which 800,000 pounds are fresh fruit
  • Corporate alliance with Rutgers University in New Jersey and establishment of Parcelles de Recherches


  • 250-acre production area;
  • Exports for market outside Quebec, Ontario

Canneberges Québec Inc. is a leader in the production of fresh cranberries. Its frontline production technology, respect of the highest quality standards, experienced personnel, local, national, and international customer base all ensure that Canneberges Québec Inc. ranks among the main players in the fresh cranberry producing industry.

Canneberges Québec Inc./ Baies d’Or:

Its philosophy is to:

It is with dynamism and enthusiasm that Canneberges Québec puts forth its best effort to offer you the freshest cranberries, accessible as a sustainable product.

  1. Eat better and healthier every day, feel better
  2. Top quality, which optimizes shelf life
  3. Try freshness
  4. An added value product

The investment and commitment of Canneberges Québec Inc. is to offer nothing but the highest quality, at all times; to develop dynamic and trendy novelties with added value; to offer a winning formula for satisfying the needs and desires of consumers in synergy with the philosophy of a sustainable product.

Canneberges Québec

Rest assured that the whole team at Canneberges Québec Inc. put their hearts into their work in order to offer you a unique, superior quality berry.