Fresh fruit profile, Canneberges Québec Inc. loves to travel, by truck, plane, or cargo…


In 2010, Canneberges Québec Inc. dove into the “fresh” fruit market. Today, Canneberges Québec Inc. with its two trademark names, Baies d’Or and Supra Fruit, holds almost 90% of the Quebec market in fresh cranberry sales. It can be found in supermarkets everywhere across the province, at IGA, Metro, SuperC, Loblaws, Provigo, Maxi, Maxi & cie, and Végétarien.

Canneberges Québec Inc. has also expended every effort to make its entry upon the export market. With the European Union, it offers its little red spheres in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, England…

In the export world, Canneberges Québec Inc. has been able to comply with the high standards and rigorous norms of the export market while meeting the many challenges of transport by truck, plane, or cargo.

Proud of its unique expertise, unique in the fresh cranberry export world, Canneberges Québec Inc. is a fresh cranberry leader. It has developed solid relationships with the European Union by responding exceptionally and directly to the needs of its major buyer clients, with the least possible number of middlemen:

  • Offering a fresh and unique Quebec product of superior quality while respecting the environment.
  • Quality is the spearhead of our company, as is meeting the highest expectations of consumers.

Its avant-gardiste production technology, respect of the highest quality standards, experienced personnel, sales force: locally, nationally and internationally that make Canneberges Québec Inc. one of the main players in the fresh cranberry industry.

All in all, at the export level, Canneberges Québec Inc. offers the world’s best fresh cranberry, thanks to:

  • its conservation;
  • its unique taste;
  • its specialized varieties;
  • its experience and trustworthiness;
  • its research and development;
  • its site with its suitable land;
  • its employee’s sense of customer service.

The mission simple: offer a just-in-time product of superior quality, a GlobalGAP-certified fresh cranberry.

With the export market, Canneberges Québec Inc. is very dynamic, flexible, versatile, and vigilant. It quickly adapts to the demands and needs of its clients. Canneberges Québec Inc. is one of the Centre-du-Québec region’s economic drivers, putting to work many companies, including: road transporters, aerial transporters, naval transporters, as well as its multiple suppliers.

Canneberges Québec Inc. is capable, oriented and proud to be able to answer to the needs of the growing demand for fresh cranberries for its primary, secondary, and tertiary markets.

  1. The most direct distribution possible, respecting the standards of markets outside Quebec, which makes the company very competitive.

The Baies d’Or way of exporting:

  • Maintaining a direct relationship with its clients;
  • Knowing their real needs;
  • Supplying them in the ongoing, “just-in-time” way;
  • Offering its superior quality product;
  • Respond with unfailing commitment to demand and make adjustments along the way if needed;
  • Solidly build upon the long-term.

Canneberges Québec Inc. is committed to supplying a superior quality product, and satisfying the high standards of markets outside Quebec is at the heart of its concerns.

The company has been well established in Quebec for the past 20 years. It thus has the privilege of developing niche markets by offering customized service for the fresh fruit market.

The more than 20 years of marketing experience, Canneberges Québec Inc. has acquired over the years in the agriculture and sales sectors constitute advantages, for industry contacts as well as for understanding market demands.

The strengths and benefits of building an alliance with Canneberges Québec Inc.:

  • Producer/seller/packager..
  • The packaging plant is located on the same site as the farm.
  • A high technology system.
  • Ongoing investments and innovations to keep offering you a product of superior quality.
  • 100% quality control: From field to point of sale.
  • Direct relationship with buyers and various stakeholders.
  • Its sense of customer service; flexibility and high availability.
  • “Just-in-time” for an extended in-store life.
  • Innovative: New varieties planted in 2009 on 10 hectares which allows us to be first on the market: Demonrantville – Crimson Queen – Scarlett Knight.

Canneberges Québec Inc. has invested in its plant on a continuous basis, in order to always have equipment at the cutting edge of technological development, on the same site as the farm, allowing for the production of as many pounds of fresh cranberries per hour as demand requires. This infrastructure allows all Quebecers, Canadians and Europeans to consume fresh fruits, which are shipped to large grocery store chains across Canada and Europe via major distributors.

Canneberges Québec inc. . is fully prepared to meet the demands of consumers around the world.

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